TeamFourStar tackles the Dragon Ball FighterZ closed beta in a recent edition of “TFS Plays”

By on November 12, 2017 at 4:00 pm
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It’s no secret that Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs, Nick “Lanipator” Landis, Curtis “Takahata101” Arnott and Lawrence “MasakoX” Simpson have made quite the name for themselves as the co-creators and voice actors of the widely-popular parody series Dragon Ball Z Abridged. Over the years, they’ve provided fans and newcomers to the franchise alike countless hilarious moments with their fan-based online parody. They’ve even caught the eye of Funimation, who handles the licensing and English dub of the series here in the States, to record an Abridged voice pack for Nappa in Xenoverse 2, as well as getting to voice a scene in the dub of Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters.

In addition to their parody work, the group also possesses a gaming channel, “TFS Plays,” with one of their recent streams focusing on them playing the Dragon Ball FighterZ closed beta. So today, we bring you a highlight reel of some of their best clips, some of which include Lanipator playing a match with the team of Vegeta/Piccolo/Krillin (all three of whom he voices in Abridged) while “in character,” as well as an extremely hype match against a powerful Team Androids player, VelinciaMune.

However, be warned that since it IS TeamFourStar, there is a good amount of NSFW language throughout, so exercise caution if you’re at work.

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