New leaks look at the future of Street Fighter V, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Soulcalibur VI

By on November 12, 2017 at 9:00 am

In fighting game circles, November has become a prime month for leaks, what with many competitive circuits seasons coming to an end, as well as the PlayStation Experiencing drawing near. This year is no exception as a pretty massive leak has just dropped over on Reddit.

The leak concerns itself with a number of fighting games (and a couple of non-fighters). While it’s easy to dismiss this leak as just someone on the internet making stuff up, there is some evidence that indicates that it may be worth taking seriously. Specifically, the same person had apparently leaked the inclusion of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Injustice 2‘s Fighter Pack 3.

Regarding Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, the leak talks mostly about DLC characters currently in development for the game (beyond the 6 currently announced characters). Specifically, it mentions Star-Lord, Ms. Marvel, Green Goblin, Wolverine, Cyclops, Psylocke, Magneto, Storm, Deadpool, Doctor Doom, Daredevil, Asura, Lady, Gill, Rashid, Captain Commando, Nina, Deis, Regina, Gene, Vergil, Akuma, and Apollo Justice. While the number seems imbalanced towards the Capcom side, it does reflect the fact that the current DLC pack is Marvel heavy. Now not all these will drop at the same time, the leak indicates that these are split up into multiple seasons, and that the game is set to have at least five seasons’ worth of characters.

In addition to the above, there’s also mention of other updates coming to the game. These include a an upgrade to the game’s graphics and UI, a four player 2v2 team mode, and the addition of Ultron-Sigma as a playable solo character (in the vein of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom‘s giants).

Now as for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, the leak mostly talks about the characters coming to the game. Specifically mentioned as DLC characters are Sagat, Sakura, Cody, and Sodom. This is in addition to 2 newcomers, one of which may be Roxy, and the other, a Shadaloo Doll. In addition to these, there is also word of Crimson Viper, Q, Necro, and Oro being added as free characters.

In regards to Critical Arts, of which we recently learned there would be no second critical art at launch, the leak states that the original plan was to add them at launch, but that they will now be added at a later date.

Not content to focus on games getting updates, the leak also has some info on some of the eight DLC characters for Dragon Ball FighterZ.  Three of the DLC characters are supposedly Broly, base form Goku, and base form Vegeta. In addition to these, Bardock, Raditz, Goku Black are also supposedly in development, and even nearly complete, however it’s unknown if they’re part of the launch roster, or are being held back as DLC.

In addition to this, the leak talks about a version of Dragon Ball FighterZ coming to Nintendo Switch sometime later in 2018.

The most surprising bit of information in the leak is that Soul Calibur VI is supposedly in development. The game is supposedly in development for PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch (with no Xbox One version). The Switch version will supposedly have Link return as a guest character. The game, or at least the PlayStation 4 version should be revealed at PSX.

Beyond that, the leak covers some non-fighting games, with information on the status of the Resident Evil 2 remake, and the existence of Devil May Cry 5 and a Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch.

Of course, being leaks, we advise our readers to take all of these with a grain of salt, and to stay locked on to Shoryuken for more on this and related stories as they develop.

Source: Vergeben via ResetEra

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