Eat Silver-level Kens for breakfast, thanks to Encore’s Street Fighter V anti-gimmick guide

By on November 12, 2017 at 2:00 pm

Stuck in Bronze or Silver rank in Street Fighter V? Getting tossed around flowchart Kens who spam Shoryuken all day? Well worry no more, as the latest episode of Gimmick Busters is dedicated to teaching you how to beat the king of Bronze rank. The main thing for beating cheesy Kens is realizing that the majority of their pressure is fake, and that you can easily stop their offense with a well-timed jab or even medium punish on moves like Chin Buster.

As for the trademark online Ken strategy of throwing DPs like their life depends on it, just be patient. The same apply for Ken’s medium and heavy Tatsu — just wait for them to finish and then let rip with a medium-strength punish. The dreaded EX Air Tatsu is safe on block, but select characters can anti-air Ken before he sticks his flaming foot in you.

Source: Encore

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