BoxeR-King shows off the holy grail of King juggle techniques: The 1,2 FF+1 tailspin

By on November 12, 2017 at 3:00 pm

It was around a year ago that BoxeR-King showed off  1,2,FF+1 in a combo video for his namesake, King. This combo has since become the gold standard for high level King mains — it’s high execution, high damaging, and carries further then nearly anything else currently known. It’s the “high execution” part of that equation that has frustrated many would-be Kings, though.

Boxer’s latest video goes through the applications, timing, and methods of execution. It takes a lot of work to be King of the ring, and with this combo you’ll always be a threat to get to the wall and deal tons of damage.

Source: BoxeR-King

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