Pokkén Tournament DX patch notes revealed and translated, plans to drop patch this month

By on November 11, 2017 at 12:00 pm
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It was previously announced that Pokkén Tournament DX was going to get a new patch, adding the much-begged for recording function and online team battle. The tease also cited new rewards within the game, and promised an ‘enhanced’ experience. The main thing that was missing from the list of promises, though, was a date.

While we still don’t know exactly when, Namco’s latest announcement has helped narrow down the release to mid-November. Considering the time of this publication, that has to be very soon, speculatively within the next week or so. Accompanying this announcement was a list of bug fixes, mostly centered around the inadvertent “infinite jump” glitch Popplio gave. Here’s the listed bug fixes, translated by the good folks over at PokkénArena:

It’s surprising to see a patch from Namco with absolutely no balance changes. It is generally considered that Pokkén Tournament DX is balanced in its current state, but Namco is a company that likes to make revisions — perhaps they are giving DX more time to incubate before committing to any meta-changing decisions.

Source: Pokkén; PokkénArena

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