The Prince maps out Akuma’s punishment options versus Laura in Street Fighter V

By on November 10, 2017 at 8:00 pm

No one likes blocking against Laura in Street Fighter V, for obvious reasons: once she’s in, she’s always an elbow or command grab away from putting you in a blender… But if you’re an Akuma player, knowing your frame data will put you in a unique position versus the rest of the cast.

Provided you have the reactions and resources, Akuma can shut down a large part of Laura’s arsenal on block. This is thanks in part to Raging Demon, whose instant startup means that Laura can’t even do her normally safe LP Bolt Charge on your block. All of this and more is demonstrated in the latest tutorial guide by The Prince, who has also made other match-up specific punishment guides on his YouTube channel.

Source: The Prince

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