Check out these max setting screenshots of Injustice 2’s Steam version, courtesy of PC Master Race

By on November 10, 2017 at 11:00 am

Unfortunately — if you hadn’t already jumped in on it — Injustice 2‘s Steam beta has reached its conclusion. Now that the 10th has rolled around, you’ve got no way to see the PC version of NetherRealm’s DC comics fighter in motion again until its official release on the 14th. But: if you still want to see IJ2’s graphics pushed to the limit, the folks at PC Master Race offered up a great gallery of 4K screenshots to tide you over:

How does it hold up to other major fighting games on Steam? You can see the same tests preformed on PCMR’s site for Tekken 7The King of Fighters XIV, and Street Fighter V. This is also just a small sample of PCMRLA’s gallery! To see the full gallery of screenshots, click here to go to their site!

Source: pcmrace

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