Amidst controversy, Logan Sama withdraws from commentating at Capcom Cup

By on November 10, 2017 at 9:00 am
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The UK FGC commentator and tournament organizer Logan Sama has announced via his Twitter that he has withdrawn from commentating at this year’s Capcom Cup. A familiar face at European Capcom Pro Tour events, Logan’s withdrawal comes following his recent departure from the BBC, due to certain comments previously made on social media.

Famous in the UK grime scene as DJ Logan Sama, Logan was planned to host a new grime show on the BBC’s Radio 1 Xtra starting Nov. 9th, but concerns over previous “ignorant and offensive comments” caused the broadcaster to terminate their partnership. While the BBC refused to comment on “matters concerning any individuals working with the BBC,” Logan has issued a brief statement which outlined the reason for his dismissal.

Sources: BBC; @WSOLogan

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