“I’m coming for you Tokido” — BornFree talks to Punk about Capcom Cup, SFV:AE, and taking down his demon

By on November 9, 2017 at 11:00 am
sfv karin ready pose

One of the favorites going into this year’s Capcom Cup, Victor “Punk” Woodley is looking to redeem himself after his second-place finish at Evo 2017. Sitting down with BornFree at Canada Cup, Punk discussed how much his life has changed over the past year, his hopes for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, and his desire to take his demon — Tokido — down.

The main thing Punk wants from Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is for Capcom to take some of the “nuttier” aspects of Season 2 out of the game. This means getting rid of throw loops, toning Balrog down, and most importantly, giving Karin some well-needed buffs. Based on what Capcom are doing with Zeku, Punk seems optimistic — but he just hopes that the new V-Triggers will unlock greater combo potential for everyone in Street Fighter V‘s roster.

If anything, Punk would like to see the return of Street Fighter IV‘s one-frame links, just to make combos an actual challenge to master.

Source: BornFree

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