Five hype Street Fighter V moments from the Capcom Pro Tour’s Latin America Regional Finals

By on November 9, 2017 at 5:00 pm

In case you missed the hype Latin America Regionals — part of the Capcom Pro Tour — the Capcom Fighters channel has provided the usual handy compilation showcasing some of the best moments from the competition’s finals.

GAM|Caba is featured prominently throughout, especially in the first moment, where he performs a miraculous comeback against SB|Doomsnake’s Vega. Caba is not as lucky against AAG|DidimoKOF’s Dhalsim, though, despite a dropped combo while he got stunned. Unfortunately, only one fighter qualifies to represnt Latin America in the Capcom Cup!

Read up on SRK’s Latin America Regional Finals results for more information.

Source: Capcom Fighters

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