Super Street Fighter Carnival 2017 continues with “NEO GEO Battle Coliseum” tournament

By on November 8, 2017 at 7:00 pm

“Super Street Fighter Carnival 2017” is the regularly-occurring tournament series of Japan’s famous Mikado Arcade. This series focuses on arcade titles of old, bringing out high-level play for a variety of games. We are halfway through this tournament season, so you can catch up here if you missed any of the action.

The most recent game is NEO GEO Battle Coliseum, SNK’s other dream-match crossover fighter.

NEO GEO Battle Coliseum is SNK’s 2v2 tag game, though without assists it still retains a patient footsie-mind feel. The timing of running this tournament is pretty nice: NGBC has become something of a topic ever since rumors began circulating that a sequel was in the works at SNK. There’s also that fact that SNK is expanding their esports division… if you missed out on NGBC when it came out, it may be worth your time to get a sneak peek at it just in case NGBC2 is around the corner.

Of course, a lot of what you will learn may be null and void if Hotaru and Mr. Big don’t make the cut in a theoretical NGBC2. As you’ll see from this event, they tend to hold important places on many of the teams represented. If you want to read up on why these characters seem to be so common place, you should check our SRK’s wiki guides for the game!

You can follow the action by subscribing to Mikado’s official YouTube channel. For the night owls in the US, you can even try to catch them when they livestream.

Source: Mikado

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