Prepare yourself for Capcom Cup 2017 with this special edition of Wake Up Wednesdays

By on November 8, 2017 at 2:35 pm

The big event just over a month away, so Capcom is gearing up for Capcom Cup 2017. Spilling the beans about the format for this year’s event, as well as explaining how people can register for the Last Chance Qualifier, Capcom’s Michael Martin has released a special Capcom Cup-themed episode of Wake Up Wednesdays.

First off, the first two days of Capcom Cup 2017 will be held at the Anaheim Hilton, right next to the Anaheim Convention Center where PlayStation Experience is taking place. Both Capcom Cup 2017 and Battle for the Stones will be running at the same time in the Anaheim Hilton, so there is plenty for you to watch if you’re attending as a spectator.

If you are coming for the Capcom Cup Last Chance Qualifier, you must register via as quickly as possible! Registration costs $20 and is capped at 256 players — so register now to avoid disappointment. Online registration ends on November 29th but there is still hope if you miss the deadline. There will be on-site registration for the LCQ on December 7th, but it costs $40. Also note that all on-site entrants will be placed in a single “pool of death”, so beware of shark-infested waters should you register late.

Top 32 for Capcom Cup will take place on December 9th and then Top 8 will be hosted in the Anaheim Convention Center on December 10th, closing out PlayStation Experience with a bang. As for format, Capcom Cup 2017 will use the traditional bracket format, with players being seeded based on Capcom Pro Tour points. There had been some discussion both early in the Pro Tour and online about a group format but no, this year’s event will stick to the usual straight double-elimination bracket.

You can register for the Last Chance Qualifier over on right now, so don’t delay! See you all at Capcom Cup 2017!

Source: Capcom Fighters

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