“Now, watch and learn!” World Warrior shows off safe jumps and corner pressure with Street Fighter V’s Old Zeku

By on November 8, 2017 at 5:00 pm
sfv old zeku standing

Old Zeku has some new tricks up his sleeve thanks to youtuber World Warrior.

While there’s always a flurry of content during the first week of a character launch, few players actually stick with the flavor of the month. But when World Warrior showed us anti-back-rise setups, he clearly wasn’t done. Now, he’s discovered that the Bushinryu master has an excellent safe jump setup versus nearly the whole cast off his Crush Counter sweep, allowing him to set up meaty cross-ups and beat reversal Dragon Punches.

He also has his own take on the corner Gram pressure that we saw so prominently during week one. With the combination of wake-up pressure and safe jumps off hard knockdowns, this Zeku tech is perfect for Street Fighter V ‘s offensively-minded world.

Source: World Warrior

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