Get into Koihime Enbu with this definitive video guide

By on November 8, 2017 at 1:00 pm

If historical figures from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms era reimagined as girls is your thing, you probably already own Koihime Enbu. If fighting games are your thing… you might find something unique in this game, which has an anime aesthetic but plays very differently from similarly-looking titles. This new, official Koihime Enbu tutorial — created by veteran AFGC content creator and AnimEVO staff member UnlimitedBrettWorks — nails the essence of the game to give you an immediate upper hand, along with a great grasp on the game’s philosophy.

Far from an archetypical air-dasher, Koihime is much more grounded; jumping is pretty bad and easily countered. Rather, the focus is on ground footsies and understanding that most attacks, when blocked, are disadvantageous, and successfully hitting the opponent keeps them on defense. Combos don’t really knock down, and you don’t really have to study much to compete — the bread and butter of most characters is one button with a special move.

Throws are a good way to mix-up the opponent and create a knockdown situation. EX Moves, which cost 25 percent meter, are actually very good as defensive options. The video covers the basics, the neutral game, and using resources.

And if you’re on the fence about buying the game, know that it just went on sale on Steam. The Koihime Enbu Steam sale lasts until November 11th and marks the game down by 20 percent, giving it a $15.99 price tag.

Source: Degica Games

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