History Behind The Warrior tackles a tale of souls and swords by looking at SoulCalibur’s Nightmare

By on November 7, 2017 at 8:00 pm

Looking to dive into some new subject matter, History Behind The Warrior recently released their first video discussing the SoulCalibur franchise, by looking at series antagonist Nightmare.

Serving as “more of a title that has been passed down from person to person, instead of being one singular being,” Nightmare is the designation given to the weidler of the demonic blade Soul Edge, who will eventually be corrupted and transformed by its power. Originally a normal sword before being bathed in a large amount of blood from countless wars, it became sentient, corrupting its users to commit murder to fuel its power — until it was obtained by the Hero King Algol, who could use the weapon without being corrupted by it. The blade was then lost to time, during which Algol forged SoulCalibur to destroy it, until resurfacing around the 16th Century in the possession of Cervantes. Following his defeat, and the sword’s subsequent discovery by Siegfried, Soul Edge would possesses and transform him into the new Nightmare, beginning a war between them that would last for decades. You can get the whole story in the video below.

History Behind The Warrior also revealed that Pyrrah, who became the host of Soul Edge following Nightmare’s defeat in SoulCalibur V, will also be getting her own video at some point in the future.

Source: History Behind The Warrior

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