Burn with passion for this RWBY X BlazBlue: Central Fiction Bullet combo video

By on November 7, 2017 at 6:00 pm

The last from the core set of RWBY‘s leading ladies, Yang, is here with a special crossover combo video. BlazBlue: Central Fiction‘s Bullet has a reference color to the blonde brawler and fits her fairly close thematically as well. Both fighters use special gloves on their hands to ignite melee attacks, and under certain conditions, they power up even more.

Bullet certainly has received some power-ups in version 2.0; her attack strings have many more possible combinations to mix up the opponent. As long as she can get past some zoning and use her power-up mechanic, she can do incredible amounts of damage. That’s conveyed very easily in this hype “I Burn” combo movie below. As seen in the previous RWBY-inspired videos, the footage plays a track from the show and some fight scenes that introduced Yang. The quite spectacular Yang combos are done by Hailey.

All the RWBY combo movies are now complete! Check out Es as Ruby, Izayoi as Weiss, and Taokaka as Blake. Soon enough, those characters will likely be able to pair up in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle.

But wait… there’s one more video coming!

Source: Koefficient

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