Upcoming stage variations and the ability to change your Fighter ID: X-Kira’s latest Street Fighter V datamining report

By on November 6, 2017 at 10:00 am

X-Kira continues to datamine more of the content that will (probably) eventually be coming to Street Fighter V. In his latest report, he notes that the Union Station, Hillside Plaza, Lair of the Four Kings and Apprentice Alley will soon be receiving stage variations, with the “Setting 1” option that can be seen in several other arenas. These variations will remove several of the background NPCs, along with minor alterations to the battlefield — such as replacing F.A.N.G’s statue in the Lair with Sagat’s, which can currently only be seen in the Ngguhao leader’s Character Story. Though these variations currently exist within the game’s cinematic General Story Mode, it appears that they will finally be added to the in-game Shop for purchase and use in regular matches. He further claims that one of these stages is linked to the General Story Volume 2 script.

X-Kira also notes in the video description that “other DLC stages will have variations in their future, night versions, afternoon and gimmicks alike.” He also revealed that Capcom will seemingly be implementing the long-requested feature to request a change to your Fighter ID, which once set is currently permanently tied to your in-game CFN Profile. To close out the video, X-Kira notes that soon, every stage in the game will have a stage K.O. animation, and the stages for Rainbow Mika and F.A.N.G — based off the backgrounds of their official artwork — will also be arriving imminently. He also displays the official CFN renders for the Red Bull-themed costumes that are part of the 30th Anniversary celebration. You can see the full video below.

In another video, X-Kira also gave us a look at the colors of each Red Bull costume in-game (for those who still want a better look at them before going out and grabbing cans) at the 9:15 mark. These special outfits are the 16 “Set73” costumes mentioned in a previous report.

But it doesn’t end there. X-Kira has discovered a new series of incomplete Volume 3 Trials that will likely launch with Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition in January — as two of the four utilize Zeku’s currently-unavailable second V-Trigger — and will likely pull from some of the upcoming balance adjustments that will be made to the cast in the new year.

He’s also revealed some more things on Twitter, noting that R. Mika’s tag team partner Nadeshiko will finally be receiving some alternate costumes of her own next year with AE, but he’s currently unsure if they will be sold separately or bundled with Mika’s Premium Costumes. He also states that we’ll be seeing Sagat and Sakura as the first two Legacy characters of Season 3, along with the female member of Neo Shadaloo (seen briefly in Ed’s Character Story) arriving as the first new challenger. He also recently posted Cody’s Super Street Fighter IV theme to his YouTube Channel, implying he might be joining the fray as well…

Finally, X-Kira notes that we shouldn’t trust the silhouettes that will be shown to us at the PlayStation Experience in December, as Capcom has given the fighters a visual makeover for their default attires.

He also found the Character ID List for Season 3, confirming that we’ll be seeing four Legacy characters, along with only two New Challengers.

As usual: X-Kira’s datamining has proven reliable but don’t count on any of this content for sure until Capcom reveals their intentions officially. What do you think of all of these leaks so far, and who else are you hoping to see in Season 3? Tell us in the comments below.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will be released on January 16th, 2018, for PlayStation 4 and Steam PC, as both as physical release and a free downloadable update for existing users.

Sources: Mikami_XKira (Twitter); SDL-Miyuki-Chan (YouTube)

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