Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite has shipped 900,000 units worldwide, with Capcom hoping to ship 2 million units by March 2018

By on November 6, 2017 at 4:00 pm

As part of Capcom’s second financial presentation for 2017, the company has reported that it has shipped 900,000 units of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite worldwide while Street Fighter V has now shipped a total of 1.9 million units — just shy of Capcom’s initial 2 million target which it hoped to reach back in March 2016.

When you consider that MvC:I is not as well-known as Street Fighter, the huge amount of negative press surrounding the title and its smaller budget compared to Street Fighter V, 900,00 shipped units is by no means a complete disaster. Sales have slowed to a crawl following its initial two weeks of release though, so I doubt it will reach its 2 million shipped units target by March 2018.

As for Street Fighter V, it has now shipped as many units as Super Street Fighter IV — with the release of Arcade Edition this coming January hoping to push that figure even higher. I suppose reaching your initial sales target almost two years after launch is better than not reaching it at all. Ultra Street Fighter II however, has done better than forecast, with Capcom shipping 500,000 units worldwide. Capcom refused to comment on whether Switch-exclusive games are in the works, instead stating that the console is “important as one outlet for multi-platform games.” Fingers crossed for MvC:I on the Switch then.

You can find all the hard facts and figures via Capcom’s official website. There are no juicy details hidden within the presentation though, besides Capcom’s continued devotion to esports via the Capcom Pro Tour.

Sources: Takashi Mochizuki; Capcom

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