Weiss tells her story in this RWBY X BlazBlue: Central Fiction Izayoi combo video

By on November 5, 2017 at 6:00 pm

Fans who appreciate both RWBY and fine BlazBlue: Central Fiction combos are in for another treat. Koefficient is back with a new collaboration, starring RedJoker’s combo work this time. We’re looking at Izayoi, who has a color reference to RWBY‘s Weiss.

Interposed with video footage from the show, the video stylishly mixes combos in tune with the soundtrack. And if you think it’s slow at the beginning, just wait till things kick up a notch. I’m not sure anyone can follow Izayoi combos other than the players who use her, but it’s very entertaining to watch her zoom around the screen, particularly when she enhances her combos with the Distortion Drive, Slaver Trans-Am.

The last video had BlazBlue‘s Es pose as Ruby. More RWBY-themed movies are on the way, however! Tune in to SRK for the next one.

Source: Koefficient

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