Saudi woman wins SNK’s design contest for character to appear in an upcoming KoF game

By on November 5, 2017 at 9:00 am

For some of the more creatively inclined members of the community, getting their original designs into a fighting game would be a dream come true. Recently, SNK and Manga Productions gave a chance to have someone’s dream come true via a design contest for a character to appear in an upcoming game.

The winner of the contest was BMashael, a Saudi woman with her original design named Najd.  Najd’s design features her wearing an abaya (a type of cloak) that belongs to a djinn named Halek. The djinn will then assist Najd for some of her attacks.

As for what game exactly Najd will be appearing in, nothing specific has been stated as of yet. All that’s stated is that it’s for an upcoming King of Fighters game. Whether or not this is a new installment of the franchise, or simply a spin-off is as of yet unknown.

In the meantime, here’s SNK’s Yasuyuki Oda on the winner of the contest, as well as some BMashael’s artwork for Najd.

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Source: Manga Productions via ResetEra

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