Exploring Fighting Games episode 6 focuses on how to assert pressure during a match

By on November 5, 2017 at 3:00 pm

Exploring Fighting Games is back after a bit of a break. Picking up what the last episode started, number six covers creating powerful pressure to keep the opponent blocking and eventually hit. That part mostly explained how to extend a pressure string, and this new one delves deeper.

The video calls parts of pressure “chain phases,” which are divided into early, middle, and late sections. Those correspond to light, medium, and heavy attacks. Lighter attacks present more cancelling options, but those are generally short-ranged. However, if your character has longer reach, you could end pressure at a distance where the opponent can’t hit you back, depending on their toolset. Mix in “pseudo extenders” and baits to overcome the opponent’s defenses.

Refer to the previous episode of Exploring Fighting Games to get started, and in an unrelated note, the channel is looking for an additional narrator to bring more FGC content.

Source: novriltataki

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