Doctrine Dark and Cracker Jack showcase their Excel-free combos in Street Fighter EX 2+

By on November 5, 2017 at 12:00 pm

Who says you need Excel to play Street Fighter EX 2+? Given the fact that ARIKA’s new title doesn’t feature this mechanic, now would be a good time to start practicing not using it, and this combo video show you just how beastly your characters can be without using Excel.

In this video Doctrine Dark and Cracker Jack show off their combo capabilities. While Dark has less damage, his mix-up potential off any normal combo is much greater. He also has a nifty win pose that only happens if he wins without using meter, and if he wins off of a chip damage explosive. Jack, on the other hand, doles out heaps of damage off any Excel-less combo, including a horribly impractical one that features only two hits and requires the use of two final charge punches.

Source: Shin Tanimoto

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