Check out these Injustice 2 tips from pros WonderChef, Cheeko, and Han Rashid at Body Count Fighting’s “The Hitbox”

By on November 5, 2017 at 10:00 am
Starfire Feature

Looking to step up your Injustice 2 game? NRS pros WonderChef, Cheeko, and Han Rashid stopped by the Body Count Fighting‘s show “The Hitbox” to share their strategies and combos with various characters.

WonderChef loves the versatility and zoning of Starfire…

…which stands in opposition to his highly mobile pressure and mix up oriented Black Manta.

Han Rashid chatted about the chattering teeth wake-up game of Joker.

And lastly, Cheeko talks about how the neutral-controlling Deadshot is strong regardless of what range he’s in.

Source: Body Count Fighting

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