2GGC: MKLeo Saga results

By on November 5, 2017 at 9:30 am
2GG MKLeo Saga

Acting as the final Smash 4 Saga before the 2GG Championship next month, 2GGC: MKLeo Saga acted as the last chance for someone to break the Saga Curse and end its 19-0 winning streak. While there were upsets throughout the bracket, the Saga Curse still reigns supreme, with FOX|MVG|MKLeo reaching third place overall. As for the champion, it was the turn of P1|Tweek, who gained his first ever S-Tier tournament win and secured his place in the 2GG Championship Finals. His victory takes him to second place on the 2GGC Leaderboard, finally displacing Dabuz and shifting him down to the third place spot.

There were shockers abound for this event, with world number one TSM|ZeRo being knocked out before Top 8, losing to EMP|WaDi and then to bc|Mr. R in one of the tensest sets of the year. Elsewhere, Japan number one KEN conquered one of the toughest Losers’ brackets in Smash 4 history, defeating the likes of Lima, Dabuz, RNG|Nairo, MKLeo, MSF|Larry Lurr, BSD|Elegant, Raito and T on his way to Grand Finals. While he did take revenge for his initial loss against Lima in pools, Tweek’s Bayonetta was just too strong for KEN — defeating him 3-1 in Grand Finals. KEN did managed to avenge his loss to MKLeo at Umebura Japan Major earlier this year though, by knocking Leo out of his own Saga. The spirits of Smash 4 work in mysterious ways.

Now all that remains is the 2GG Championship, and the standings are looking mighty interesting following MKLeo Saga. Despite his 13th place finish, ZeRo still remains in pole position going into the final bracket. Meanwhile, the bottom of the leaderboard is mighty crowded, with both WaDi and Mr. R sitting in 19th place. Due to WaDi’s highest placing during the entire circuit being fifth while Mr. R’s is seventh, WaDi takes the final spot to be allocated via points. There is still a chance for Mr. R to get into the final 20 via the Last Chance Qualifier but with other contenders like EMG|Mistake, Locus, IMT|ANTi, Marss, Elegant, Tsu and many others jockeying for the last spot, victory is by no means assured.

You can check the final 2GGC standings over on its official smash.gg page. The 2GG Championship will start on December 1st with the Last Chance Qualifier, followed by the Group Stage on December 2nd and Championship Sunday on December 3rd.


1. P1|Tweek (Cloud, Bayonetta, DK/USA)
2. KEN (Sonic/Japan)
3. FOX|MVG|MKLeo (Cloud, Meta-Knight/Mexico)
4. NRG|Nairo (Zero Suit Samus/USA)
5. Dabuz (Rosalina and Luma/USA)
5. EMP|WaDi (Mewtwo/USA)
7. LG|Abadango (Mewtwo, Bayonetta/Japan)
7. Lima (Bayonetta/USA)

Source: smash.gg

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