Gamble big on Yoshimitsu’s unblockable tech traps in Tekken 7

By on November 4, 2017 at 3:00 pm

Because Yoshimitsu is the type of guy that brings a sword to a fist fight, he gets access to some odd tools other characters in the game simply don’t have. While there’s a lot of ways to utilize these different sword techniques, one of the most interesting and exciting ways is to use them in tech traps.

Yoshimitsu has access to a wide variety of unblockables. Because they hit at so many different angles, it’s realistic (but very gimmicky) for him to cover any wake-up option if he pays attention to his opponent’s habits. You won’t base your entire game off these tech traps in Tekken 7, but having them in your back pocket for the perfect moment can lead to an absurd amount of damage to your foe’s health bar and mental state.

Source: noSleep Snowman

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