New French trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ may hint at another new character

By on November 3, 2017 at 12:00 pm

Recently, we got another look at Dragon Ball FighterZ via a livestream from Bandai Namco. In addition to this however, a new trailer — different from the one shown on the stream — was also released in French, one that may hint at another character coming to the game.

As Shoryuken forum member Doctrine Dark has noted, Goku can be seen shooting a Kamehameha at an unknown opponent at around 1:41 in the trailer below.

Freeze-framing and looking closer at said action sequence shows that the opponent that Goku is shooting at is a female character wearing a tube top and some baggy pants — a description that doesn’t match any of the known characters in the game.


As is the way of such things, much speculation is already being made on this character’s identity. Some have pointed out that it may be the female Saiyan prodigy Caulifla from Dragon Ball Super, since she does wear a similar tube top and baggy pants combo, and shoots red ki blasts. Others have noted her attack’s similarity to that done by Kid Buu, prompting them to posit that it is what happens when Buu absorbs Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s villain, Android 21.

Whoever this new character is, we’ll likely learn about their identity soon — what with only a couple of months left before the game’s January 26 release date.

Sources: Dragon Ball Z; Shoryuken Forums

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