Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Dragon Ball mechanic may be part of a separate mode

By on November 2, 2017 at 11:00 am

Ever since it was first revealed some time back, Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s Dragon Ball mechanic has been source of both speculation and worry for the community. Alongside speculating about how they will work, more than a few players have expressed concern that the mechanic may detract from the game’s competitive nature.

It seems that we may have some news that may alleviate some of those worries: well-known Dragon Ball YouTuber Rhymestyle has mentioned, in response to some of these worries, that the Dragon Ball mechanic is locked under a separate mode.

Now while this isn’t direct confirmation from Bandai Namco, Rhymestyle is known as one of the community figures in touch with them. He’s been one of the people who’ve helped Bandai Namco do character breakdowns (alongside Chris “Hellpockets” Fields). Most recently, he helped clarify a mistake about Bulma being a playable character, due to a typographical error.

That said, Rhymestyle has also stated that he’s deferring to Bandai Namco for further confirmation of this. In the meantime, those curious about how the Dragon Balls work in the game should check out our previous coverage.

Source: Rhymestyle

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