Recent Dragon Ball FighterZ livestream reveals how the Dragon Balls work in battle

By on November 1, 2017 at 10:30 am
DBFZ Android 21 Evil

Continuing a recent surge of information for Dragon Ball FighterZ, a special Bandai Namco livestream this morning has revealed a whole lot more about the highly anticipated fighter. From match footage of Tien, Ginyu, Nappa and Yamcha, more information on Story Mode and a demonstration of how the Dragon Balls work mid-match, this livesteam is a must watch for Dragon Ball fans.

First off, we’ve finally got live footage of Ginyu’s Body Change Super in action. Similar to Android 16’s Self Destruct, it has quite the long start-up time, with Ginyu being invincible while he powers up the projectile. Once charged up, he lets out a short range beam which can be blocked by the enemy. The main downside of the Body Change is that the person controlling Ginyu cannot use any of his Ginyu Force specials or use another Body Change to take back their original character. We also got a glimpse at more of the Ginyu Force assists and yes, Jeice and Burter can combine to perform their signature Purple Spiral Flash attack.

The stream also confirmed that Chiaotzu’s Self Destruct is a second Level 3 for Tien, alongside his Shin Kikoho. If you manage to land the Self Destruct, Chiaotzu cannot be summoned for the rest of the match, so be careful about using this suicide attack.

The other main (and unintended) thing shown on this stream was how the mysterious Dragon Ball mechanic works in battle. Once a player collects the seventh Dragon Ball, Shenron will be summoned and the chosen player is able to pick between four different wishes. According to translations from HiFight and ShonenGamez, the four wishes are:

  • Refill your current character’s health bar (the blue selection)
  • Revive your downed teammates (the yellow selection)
  • Increased blue health regeneration or “immortality” (the green selection)
  • A free Sparkling Blast activation or “ultimate power” (the red selection)

While it’s good to finally know what the Dragon Balls do, the next logical question is whether players can turn the Dragon Balls off for tournament play. Much like Injustice 2‘s Gear, the Dragon Balls look like a fun casual mechanic, but something that will ruin the experience for those wanting competitive matches. Based on Arc System Works’ pedigree, you should be able to, but official confirmation from Bandai Namco would be perfect.

Bandai Namco did release a new trailer following the stream’s conclusion, showing off new footage of DBFZ’s Story Mode. The Story Mode clips clearly sets up Android 21 as the game’s antagonist, as well as giving players a sneak peek at the villain side scenario. Based on the new shots of Android 21, it seems more and more likely that she will be a playable character in the full release.

You can check out the full stream below, with the Dragon Ball FighterZ section starting at 1:05:33. Producer Tomoko Hiroki makes a special appearance, along with Street Fighter legend Nuki coming to help demo the game.

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