Sajam breaks down Capcom Pro Tour Asia/Oceania Regional Finals for Street Fighter V

By on October 31, 2017 at 6:00 pm

Fighting game commentator Sajam has continued his Street Fighter V match analysis series with breakdowns of the finals from the Capcom Pro Tour Asia/Oceania Regional Finals and Last Chance Qualifier held at Southeast Asia Major 2017 earlier this month. Along with examining matches from both brackets, Sajam provides more insight into the flow of the neutral game, utilizing frame data effectively, and whiff-punishing in Street Fighter V.

Echo Fox|Tokido put on a dominating performance in Singapore, winning the last chance qualifier and defeating fellow Capcom Cup qualifiers DNG|Itabashi Zangief, Echo Fox|Momochi and ZOWIE|Oil King in the process. In the process of taking the regional finals, Tokido also served as a gatekeeper for some of the strongest players in contention for the Capcom Cup, leaving players like Qanba Douyu|Xiao Hai and GRPT|MOV on the outside looking in as the season comes to a close.

Sajam’s full analysis of the SEAM LCQ and Regional Finals top 8 can be found on Twitch, or you can subscribe to his YouTube channel to digest each match as they are uploaded individually.

Source: Sajam

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