Pyron descends to Earth in the latest episode of “Meet the Darkstalkers”

By on October 31, 2017 at 7:00 pm
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The Nostalgic Gamer continues his weekly “Meet the Darkstalkers” series by looking at the franchise’s original Final Boss: Pyron. Hailing from the planet Hellstorm, Pyron was conceived as an intelligent lifeform from neither Earth nor Makai, who was made up of energy, at least partially composed of flame. Though each member of the cast was fighting for their individual goals, the team felt having a single boss for everyone to aim for would create a sense of unity among the roster.

After arriving on Earth 65 million years ago, he created the Huitzil (Phobos, in Japan) to monitor the planet until it developed organisms strong enough to pose a proper challenge. He then calls out to the Darkstalkers to meet him in combat, with his final fate being left unknown.

After covering his brief playable history, which includes Vamprire Hunter: Darkstalker’s Revenge, the console version of Darkstalkers 3, and Capcom Fighting Evolution, The Nostalgic Gamer points out some interesting trivia regarding his voice actors. You can see the full video below.

For more info on the Darkstalkers, you can see the recent episodes on Huitzil and Rikuo, as well as Sasquatch.

Source: The Nostalgic Gamer

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