North America’s first Pokkén Tournament DX-exclusive major: Final Boss results

By on October 30, 2017 at 10:00 am

With over $3000 in pot bonuses up for grabs between some of the strongest competition in the world, Hitbox Arena’s “Final Boss” major in New Jersey just crowned its first champion. This grassroots event is the Pokkén Community’s first Pokkén Tournament DX-exclusive major.

While this 1v1 tournament was obviously the main draw (and a major stop on the Pokkén Arena Circuit), there was also a 3v3 “Waseda Style” Team tournament. For those unfamiliar with Waseda style: Teams A and B have their 1st players battle each other, then 2nd players, then 3rd. Every team member must to play, and no single person can carry a whole team with this format.



Pokkén Tournament DX

Singles Tournament (94 entrants)

1. Rampage|Azazel JP (Machamp) $1720
2. Slippingbug TX, US (Pikachu Libre, Scizor, Machamp) $688
3. ELM JP (Suicune) $447
4. Toasty TX, US (Lucario) $240
5. INC|RoksoTheSavage NY, US (Garchomp, Scizor) $103
5. Twixxie NC, US (Chandelure) $103
7. ThankSwalot IL, US (Sceptile) $69
7. StDx|Allister CA, US (Mewtwo, Suicune) $69
9. Bolimar TX, US (Decidueye)
9. Thulius OH, US (Mewtwo, Decidueye)
9. Uho JP (Pikachu Libre)
9. Scatz GA, US (Charizard)
13. Flegar NY, US (Lucario)
13. HBA|Oreo NJ, US (Mewtwo)
13. SoulGuitarist PA, US (Chandelure)
13. Deity Light IL, US (Lucario)

Waseda-style 3v3 Team Tournament (18 teams)

1. Team Momo (Momo/Azazel/Elm)
2. Team Rokso (Burnside/RoksoTheSavage/Toasty)
3. Team Thulius (Allister/Twixxie/Thulius)
4. Team WhiteChocolate (WhiteChoc/Brocooli/Flegar)

Source: Final Boss

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