Don’t let your opponent relax in Tekken 7 with this Eddy punishment guide

By on October 29, 2017 at 5:00 pm
Eddy Gordon Tekken 7

There is no character more lambasted for his ability to completely annihilate new players in Tekken then Eddy Gordo. Everyone loses to the Capoeira master the first time they him, regardless of how good or bad the Eddy player is. Welcome to Tekken: learning to punish this character is the equivalent of overcoming the fireball/Shoryuken trap the first time you see it.

The truth is that the majority of his stance transitions are punishable, but you have to know your exact character’s options to hit low stances. Though¬†IJustSneezed‘s “Eddy Punishment Guide” covers Bob primarily, the lessons applied are universal. Don’t let Eddy go into Handstand or Relax for free anymore — sit down with training mode and learn where the gaps are, and you’ll go a long way in neutralizing mediocre Capoeira.

Source: IJustSneezed

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