Canada Cup 2017 results

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Canada Cup

This weekend is eighth annual Canada Cup tournament, hosted at the Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel & Suites in the Greater Toronto Area. Canada Cup 2017 is the final Global Premier of the 2017 Capcom Pro Tour, leaving only the upcoming Latin America and North America Regional Finals remaining (as well as Capcom Cup itself). The tourney is also a Battle for the Stones qualifier, with the winner claiming the Mind Stone. Of course, there also is the clash of nations in the annual Street Fighter International 5v5.

Tournament Games

As the last Capcom Pro Tour event open to all players, and those one of the last chances many players to make moves on the global leaderboards, a ton of top players will be competing over the weekend, with strong representation from not only the North America but Asia and Europe as well. NuckleDu, Punk, Justin Wong, NYChrisG, Daigo Umehara, Fuudo, Yukadon, Gachikun, GamerBee, Xiaohai, Phenom, Problem X, Mister Crimson and Takamura are just a few of the many, many names. For a full list of attendees and brackets, check out

Canada Cup will be providing four streams, with streams 3 and 4 dedicated to Super Smash Bros. Melee and Wii U, respectively. Capcom will also be providing exclusive channels for Street Fighter V singles on the on the Capcom Fighters channel and for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite singles on the Battle for the Stones channel.


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Stream Schedule

All times in EDT (UTC -4).




Street Fighter V

Capcom Pro Tour Singles

1. CYCLOPS|Dogura (Urien)
2. CYCLOPS|GO1 (Menat, Ibuki)
3. DNG|Itabashi Zangief (Zangief)
4. Liquid|NuckleDu (Guile)
5. FOX|JWong (Karin)
5. mouz|Problem X (M. Bison)
7. 801 Strider (Laura)

9. GRPT|Fuudo (R. Mika)
9. BX3|Phenom (Necalli)
9. Nephew (Kolin)
9. PONOS|moke (Rashid)
13. PG|Punk (Karin)
13. GRPT|MOV (Chun-Li)
13. NL (Cammy)
13. SZ.HORI|sako (Akuma)

Match Log
International 5v5

1. Japan 2 – GRPT|MOV (Chun-Li), stormKUBO (Abigail), gachikun (Rashid), Hx.CYG.BST|Daigo Umehara (Guile), GRPT|Fuudo (R. Mika)
2. Japan 3 – YBK|DaikokuGO (Birdie), YOUDEAL|YUKADON (Ibuki), CYCLOPS|GO1 (Menat), CYCLOPS|Dogura (Urien) SZ.HORI|sako (Akuma)
3. Japan 1 – DNG|Itabashi Zangief (Zangief), PONOS|moke (Rashid), FOX|Momochi (Ken), GameWith|Eita (Ken), Mago (Karin)
4. Europe – Method.RB|Luffy (R. Mika), MD|Mister Crimson (Dhalsim), Takamura (Ken), mouz|Problem X (M. Bison), BX3|Phenom (Necalli)

Match Log


Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite – Battle for the Mind Stone

Teemo claims the Mind Stone and a spot in the Battle for the Stones event.

1. Teemo (Space-Dormammu/Nova)
2. RISE|Richard Nguyen (Soul-Dante/Strider Hiryu)
3. FOX|JWong (Reality-Nova/Ultron)
4. Splyce|Fchamp (Reality-Ghost Rider/Dormammu, Space-Dormammu/Ultron, Reality-Dormammu/Captain Marvel)
5. EG|NYChrisG (Reality-Spider-Man/Hawkeye)
5. Nick Jones (Power-Captain America/Captain Marvel)
7. GOL|ranmasama (Space-Haggar/Dormammu)
7. Clockw0rk (Soul-Gamora/Strider Hiryu)

Match Log


Tekken 7

1. FOX|JDCR (Dragunov)
2. MTL|VeryBadMan (Paul, Miguel)
3. Mishimized (Kazuya, Heihachi, King)
4. NeoRussell (Kazumi)
5. MTL|Renato (King)
5. IronBrain (Hwoarang)
7. FoxFist (Steve)
7. MTL|FarEastMagic (Josie)

Grand Final

MTL|VeryBadMan (Paul) vs. FOX|JDCR (Dragunov) – 0-3

Losers Final

MTL|VeryBadMan (Paul) vs. Mishimized (Kazuya, King) – 3-0

Winners Final

FOX|JDCR (Dragunov) vs. Mishimized (Kazuya, Heihachi) – 3-0

Losers Semi-final

MTL|VeryBadMan (Paul, Miguel) vs. NeoRussell (Kazumi) – 3-2

Top 8 Winners

NeoRussell (Kazumi) vs. FOX|JDCR (Dragunov) – 0-3
IronBrain (Hwoarang) vs. Mishimized (Kazuya) – 1-3

Top 8 Losers

MTL|Renato (King) vs. FoxFist (Steve) – 3-2
MTL|FarEastMagic (Josie) vs. MTL|VeryBadMan (Paul) – 0-3

MTL|Renato (King) vs. NeoRussell (Kazumi) – 0-3
MTL|VeryBadMan (Paul) vs. IronBrain (Hwoarang) – 3-0



Super Street Fighter II Turbo

1. Mattsun (Ken)
2. Kusumondo (E.Honda)
3. Tomo (Ryu)
4. Shogatsu (O-E.Honda, E.Honda)
5. KOEMON (Fei Long, Ryu)
5. damdai (O-Ryu, O-T.Hawk)
7. ultracombo (O-Sagat)
7. Riz0ne (M.Bison)

Match Log


Super Smash Bros. Melee

1. FOX.MVG|Mew2King (Marth, Sheik)
2. TSM.RB|Leffen (Fox)
3. [A]|Armada (Peach, Fox)
4. ALG|n0ne (Captain Falcon)
5. KJH (Fox)
5. Kage (Ganondorf)
7. [A]|Android (Sheik/Zelda)
7. Trulliam (Falco)

Match Log


Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

1. FOX.MVG|MKLeo (Cloud, Marth, Meta Knight)
2. Lima (Bayonetta)
3. MSF|Larry Lurr (Fox, Mario, Bowser)
4. EG|Zinoto (Diddy Kong)
5. C9|Ally (Mario)
5. SSBMTL|Venom (Ryu)
7. MCF|Deathorse (Mewtwo)
7. SuperGirlKels (Sonic)

Match Log


Ultra Street Fighter IV

1. PoongKo (Seth, El Fuerte)
2. RISE|SMUG (Dudley)
3. stormKUBO (Rufus, Hugo)
4. GameWith|Eita (Akuma, Ryu)
5. r/Salty|Pepeday (El Fuerte)
7. GR|Commander Jesse (Sakura)
7. Jaren (Decapre)

Match Log


Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

1. CYCLOPS|Dogura (Raven)
2. 1UP|PepperySplash
3. Lord Knight (Millia Rage)
4. FNM|Roldy (Bedman, Venom)
5. GlacialReign (Leo Whitefang)
5. FNM|EatMyOcean (May)
7. FNM|The Last Baiken (Baiken)
7. FNM|Mange Mon Pipi (Potemkin)

Match Log


BlazBlue Centralfiction

1. PONOS|garireo (Litchi)
2. CYCLOPS|Dogura (Azrael)
3. Psykotik (Carl)
4. Method|Flux (ν-No.13-)
5. Level5-Chan (Es, Tsubaki)
5. Brice (Tager)
7. MTL|Kirbster (Rachel)
7. OTS|Gatchaman (Izanami)

Match Log


Injustice 2

1. EG|NYChrisG (Green Arrow)
2. PG|Punk (Black Adam)
3. STDx|Rebelo (Green Lantern)
4. I Am The Greatest (Wonder Woman)

Match Log


The King of Fighters XIV

1. QANBA.Douyu|Xiaohai (Kula/Luong/Iori, Robert/Kyo/Iori)
2. MNT|Diaphone (Nakoruru/Kula/Athena, Choi/Nakoruru/Athena, Benimaru/Nakoruru/Athena)
3. AlvinKOF (Andy/Benimaru/Iori, Andy/Kyo/Iori, Kyo/Kim/Iori, Kyo/Benimaru/Iori)
4. HYPE|Tenma (Yuri/Clark/Leona)

Match Log

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