The sea is a harsh mistress: Mazu the Sea Goddess joins the Fight of Gods roster on October 30th

By on October 27, 2017 at 11:00 am
Mazu Fight of Gods

If you’re getting bored of playing as Jesus, Buddha or Odin, Digital Crafter have you covered. As the first new character since the Early Access launch of Fight of Gods, the Chinese sea goddess Mazu looks to shake things up with her demon assists and magic lamp.

Mazu’s demons looks to be a right royal pain, appearing from weird angles and allows the sea goddess to start a juggle from half a screen away. She doesn’t look to have the greatest defence up close, so if you can weather the storm of demons and projectiles, you should be able to take Mazu down.

Digital Crafter are also looking for fan suggestions on future deities to join the Fight of Gods roster, so stop off on their Steam page and offer some ideas. Mazu will come as part of a free Fight of Gods update, launching on October 30th.

Source: PQubeGames

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