Street Fighter V Zeku roundup: 5 st.MKs squeezed into one combo, wakeup guide, DP properties, and more!

By on October 27, 2017 at 1:30 pm
sfv old zeku standing

We’re on our second roundup of videos for Street Fighter V‘s Ever-Changing Ninja! Thus far, Zeku seems to be well-received. At least, one can expect so from all the work pouring out of the Zeku lab. Let’s jump in and see what other tricks Bushinryu disciples around the world have crafted.

VesperArcade starts us off with some basic combos for the more zoning-oriented Old Zeku.

Gamewisk also has some basics for you to try out, but also lays out the groundwork for basic Young Zeku combos.

If you want to see how well the pros have taken to the Bushinryu master, RektScrub has a uploaded a compilation of Tokido, RB, and Kazunoko’s play:

OrangeManPC shows off a gimmicky 50/50 crossup with Old Zeku — you should learn how to deal with it right away.

And if that didn’t irritate you, this corner variation from FrameDataV probably will.

MagicMoste comes with a PSA: Old Zeku’s DP dosen’t play by the current Season 2 rules. Is this possibly a premonition of changes to come?

World Warrior FGC shows off a wide variety of interesting meaties, many of which involving post-transformation combos.

rooflemonger‘s guide focuses exclusively on Zeku’s wakeup game, and all the places you can force Scythe Kicks to be blocked.

And last but certainly not least, desk has the flashiest, goofiest, and most fun combos on the block. Check out how he fits 5 st.MKs in one combo with Old Zeku!

How are you liking Zeku thus far? Are both forms of the Bushinryu Boss working out for you?

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