Hellboy comes to Injustice 2 on November 14th

By on October 27, 2017 at 8:46 am
Hellboy IJ2

Hell, it’s about time you showed up. Rounding out Fighter Pack 2, the half-demon Hellboy is joining the Injustice 2 roster next month. He will be available for Early Access players on November 14th, with everyone getting a chance to play the surly paranormal investigator later in the month.

Hellboy is a bit of an all-rounder based on the footage from his gameplay trailer — able to fight at a distance with his oversized revolver and holy relics, while being capable up-close thanks to his Right Hand of Doom. His trait has him tapping into the gauntlet’s power, giving him what looks like infinite armor for a short time. He can also use the sword Excalibur for certain strings, as well as a vial of holy water which proceeds a wave which travels along the bottom of the screen.

While he may not be the fastest fighter, Hellboy looks to be a threat at any range, with him being especially dangerous up close. There is one Fighter Pack left following Hellboy’s release, with one of the characters being confirmed as the shapeshifting Atom. All you Spawn fans, best keep your fingers crossed.

Source: DC

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