Get the rundown on BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle’s mechanics with this guide from Koefficient

By on October 27, 2017 at 5:00 pm
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With a new build of the game appearing at Toushinsai last weekend, and information mostly limited to player impressions on Twitter, Arc System Works content creator Koefficient has recently released a guide covering the main gameplay mechanics of the upcoming BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle.

In the nine-minute video, he covers the button layout as well as core mechanics like Reversal Actions, Reject Guard — which functions similarly to pushblocking or BlazBlue’s Barrier Guard — the two types of Smart Combo routes, Resonance Blaze, as well as the various tag mechanics and safe, invincible incoming attacks (that can be used after losing a character). However, Koefficient chose to exclude talk about the combo gatling routes, as the game is still in a very early state — meaning these could be very subject to change as development goes on.

An interesting note seen in the latest build is that while Auto Run is a universal form of movement for the entire cast, Hazama, the first character with a Step Dash to be introduced, will instead “dash furiously forward” when moving. Another interesting addition is that when an Assist is called, they will flash either red or blue, signaling a Fatal Recovery state for the duration of the move until they exist the screen, depending on whether they are on the Player 1 or Player 2 team. You can see the full video below:

GameFAQs user Nazdrovie has translated the movelists that were released for players at Toushinsai, which contained all previous characters and the additions of Rachel Alucard and Hazama.

Light: Square
Heavy: Triangle
Crash Assault: Circle (Command Overhead; I’ll just call it “Crash”)
Reversal Action: Square + X
Throw: Triangle + Circle
Pushblock: Square + X while guarding (costs half a bar)

Change: X (can use even during a Partner Skills)
Partner Skill: R1 (can perform different attacks with Forward + R1 and Back + R1; costs Cross Gauge when used while attacking)
Crossburst: R1 + X while getting hit (consumes 100% of the Cross Gauge)
Distortion Skill Duo: R1 during a Distortion (costs 1 more bar; partner performs a followup Distortion)
Cross Combo: R1 + X during a Partner Skill (partner will attack with your character until the Cross Gauge turns to 0)

Command Normals
Back + Light

Reversal Action
Inferno Divider (Air OK) (Press a button twice for followups)

Dead Spike – QCF + Light/Heavy
EX Dead Spike (EX) – QCF + Crash (Press a button twice for followups)
Hell’s Fang – QCB + Light (Press a button for a followup)
Gauntlet Hades – QCB + Heavy (Air OK) (Press a button for a followup)
Nightmare Edge – QCB + Light in the air (Press a button for a followup)
Blood Scythe (EX) – QCB + Crash (Air OK)

Carnage Scissors – QCF + Heavy + Crash
Devoured by Darkness – QCB + Heavy + Crash

Command Normals
Back + Light

Reversal Action

Hishouken – QCF + Light (Air OK)
Hishougeki – QCF + Heavy (Air OK)
Hishousetsu (EX) – QCF + Crash (Air OK)
Musou Senshouzan – QCB + Light/Heavy (Press a button for a followup)
Musou Toshuugeki  (EX) – QCB + Crash (Press a button for a followup)
Hizansen – QCB + Light in the air
Hizangeki – QCB + Heavy in the air
EX Hizangeki (EX) – QCB + Crash in the air

Touga Hyoujin – QCF + Heavy + Crash
Hiyoku Getsumei – QCB + Heavy + Crash

Command Normals

Back + Light
Crouch + Crash (hold)
Jump + Heavy (hold)
Silpheed – Press a direction during certain actions (Smart Combo 1 3rd move, Smart Combo 2 3rd move, standing and crouching Crush Assault, multiple jump normals, post-throw, Tiny Lobelia, George XIII,)

Reversal Action
Gerbera Lute

Tiny Lobelia – QCF + Light/Heavy/Crash (Air OK) (Projectile becomes a lightning rod after landing)
Barrel Lotus – QCB + Light while a lightning rod is out (Air OK)
Sword Iris – QCB + Heavy while a lightning rod is out (Air OK)
George the 13th (EX) – QCB + Crash (Air OK)

Tempest Dahlia – QCF + Heavy + Crash (Air OK)
Baden Baden Lily – QCB + Heavy + Crash (Air OK)

Command Normals
Back + Light
Down + Heavy during a jump

Reversal Action

Ressenga  – QCF + Light/Heavy (can hold)
Zaneiga  – QCB + Light/Heavy (can hold)
Jakou  (EX) – QCF + Crash
Gasaishou  (EX) – QCB + Crash
Jameijin  – QCB + Light in the air
Hirentotsu  – QCB + Heavy in the air
EX Hirentotsu (EX) – QCB + Crash in the air

Jayoku Houtenjin – QCF + Heavy + Crash
Mizuchi Rekkazan  – QCB + Heavy + Crash

Command Normals

Back + Light

Reversal Action
Big Gamble (Air OK)

Zio – QCF + Light/Heavy (Air OK)
EX Zio – QCF + Crash (Air OK)
Swift Strike – QCB + Light/Heavy
EX Swift Strike (EX) – QCB + Crash (Press a button for a followup)

Ziodyne – QCF + Heavy + Crash (Air OK)
Cross Slash – QCB + Heavy + Crash

Command Normals
Back + Light

Reversal Action
Dodge (Counter an enemy’s attack)

Dash Spring – QCF + Light/Heavy
EX Dash Spring (EX) – QCF + Crash
Flying Flash Cut – QCF/QCB + Light in the air
Moonsault – QCF/QCB + Heavy in the air
> Crescent Slash – Press a button during Moonsault
EX Moonsault (EX) – QCF/QCB + Crash in the air

Garudyne – QCF + Heavy + Crash (Air OK)
Shippu Nagareboshi – QCB + Heavy + Crash (Air OK)

Command Normals
Forward after pressing Crash in the air

Reversal Action
Red Clad Craver (Air OK!?)

Black Orbiter – QCF + Light/Heavy
> Dark Lotus – QCF + Light after Black Orbiter
> Bend Sinister – QCF + Heavy after Black Orbiter
EX Black Orbiter (EX) – QCF + Crash
Vacant Shift: First – QCB + Light/Heavy (Air OK)
> Vacant Shift: Second – Press a button after Vacant Shift: First
> > Vacant Shift: SAADO – Press a button after Vacant Shift: Second
Vacant Shift: Sediment (EX) – QCB + Crash (Air OK)

Gyre Vortex – QCF/QCB + Heavy + Crash

Command Normals
Back + Light
Dash Cancel – Press forward twice after certain actions (Smart Combo 1 4th move, Smart Combo 2 3rd and 4th move, Smart Combo 3 3rd move, grounded Kuuga and EX Kuuga)

Reversal Action
Rengetsurin  (Air OK)

Kuuga – QCF + Light/Heavy (Air OK)
Soukuuga (EX) – QCF + Crash (Air OK)
Hien – QCB + Light/Heavy
Hienshou (EX) – QCB + Crash

Kannagi – QCF/QCB + Heavy + Crash

Reversal Action
Corkscrew Slice

Rifle Shot – QCF + Light
Cypod (?) Shot – QCF + Heavy
Guillotine (EX) – QCF + Crash
Gun Blast – QCF + Light/Heavy/Crash (Air OK)
Buzzsaw Blast – QCF + Light/Heavy in the air
EX Buzzsaw Blast (EX) – QCF + Crash in the air

Petal Burst – QCF/QCB + Heavy + Crash
Petal Dance – Currently Unavailable

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle will be released for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC sometime in 2018.

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