Enjoy a healthy helping of anime tag team action with this BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle footage from Toushinsai

By on October 27, 2017 at 12:00 pm
Blazblue Cross Tag Battle

Arc System Works brought a playable build of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle to Toushinsai 2017; it was their latest public build, and featured newly-announced characters from BlazBlue, Hazama and Rachel Alucard. Sadly, Weiss from RWBY wasn’t playable, since she wasn’t ready for a public demo yet. For those who missed out on seeing the game at Toushinsai, some of the Japanese gaming media were able to capture some footage of the game in action at the event.

Both Dengeki Online and Famitsu shared some off screen footage of the game. The footage below shows both Hazama and Rachel as well as the previously-announced characters in action. Take note that the damage for these demo builds has supposedly been made higher, so that the lines of people trying them out go through more quickly!

Dengeki Online


BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is set to hit PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch in 2018.

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