TheMainManSWE shows us which moves make Dragonov top tier in Tekken 7

By on October 26, 2017 at 8:00 pm
dragunov 2 srk

The name Sergei Dragunov has practically become synonymous with high-level Tekken 7 play, and not without good reason. As various tutorials, combo videos, and grand finals tournament matches illustrate, he’s got lot of good tricks up his trenchcoat’s sleeves — and he’s worth spending the time learning every one.

Breaking down what makes Dragunov so strong is Tekken technician TheMainManSWE, who admits to cavalierly referring to the Russian soldier as “overpowered.” In his this video he explains his reasoning for dubbing Dragunov with the title of OP, and demonstrates that he’s not broken, he’s just well-equipped for battle.

Check out TheMainManSWE’s video below — and for more Dragunov tech, you can check out this breakdown, or this punishment guide.

Source: TheMainManSWE