Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite video roundup: Black Panther combos, tips for Sigma & Monster Hunter, and more

By on October 26, 2017 at 4:00 pm
black panther mvci crouch

The battle for the stones intensifies — with the arrival of the King of Wakanda.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite‘s DLC character additions have certainly made an impact on the game; while Monster Hunter and Sigma grabbed most of the community’s attention first, we’re now seeing more of the trickier third newcomer, Black Panther. Here’s what has crossed our path so far.

Combo virtuoso desk — in between spending some time with SFV’s new addition Zeku — has completed this combo video featuring what the technical Black Panther brings into the fight; are these truly the toughest combos in the entire game?

Here’s Brian Kasugano’s take on Black Panther’s combo potential:

rooflemonger has prepared a Black Panther combo guide…

… And a closer look at his wall cling cancels!

rooflemonger also isn’t finished working with the “ungawaifu” Monster Hunter; check out these tips and tricks:

And here’s some for the nefarious Sigma:

Apolo Loussalier shows what Sigma can do in their own combo video:

HapkidoRed tries their hand at Sigma as well.

How about the base roster? Here are some Strider Hiryu combos:

cjbqulix sent in this collection of combos and mixups for Doctor Strange and Thanos, featuring the Time and Power stones:

Sigma joins forces with Thanos for some heavy combo damage:

Useless? Maybe, but looking cool is what Dante is all about:

And now a look at a potential “bug”: wake-up jumping causing some extra invincibility frames? Is this a practical jump install?

Thanks again to everyone that sent in tips!

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