JinMasta demonstrates disgusting octagon-stage specific tech traps for Tekken 7’s Jin

By on October 26, 2017 at 3:00 pm
Jin Tekken 7

The octagon-shaped stages of Tekken 7 are very kind to those seeking tech traps. By allowing juggles off a wall-splat to travel from wall to wall, these stages make it very easy to sidewalk to your opponent’s back. This exact situation is where the majority of the tech traps in the game can be found, and JinMasta has quite a few to show off.

JinMasta‘s latest video shows off this truth with (predictably) Jin Kazama. These tech traps do brutal amounts of damage, potentially killing off of a single guess. There’s a few tech traps that work with any wall stage, as well: check out the corpse jumps off of Jin’s unseeable sweep!

Source: JinMasta

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