Meet your Injustice 2 ELEAGUE commentators, and learn all the details of the upcoming finals

By on October 21, 2017 at 11:00 am

The Injustice 2 ELEAGUE is about to kick off with a bang, starting with today’s Last Chance Qualifiers, which will determine the last two players to join the final bracket of 16 elite warriors. On the eve of the event, ELEAGUE released the official commentary lineup, along with other details about the competition.

Host Richard Lewis will return, along with Street Fighter V ELEAGUE voices Stephen “Sajam” Lyon, Steve “Tasty Steve” Scott, Reepal “Rip” Parbhoo and Zhi “Zhieeep” Liang Chew. They joined by a pair of Injustice commentary veterans, Panda Global’s Bryant “Kitana Prime” Benzing, and David “UltraDavid” Philip Graham. Joshua Gray will be serving as reporter, likely interviewing the players before and after their matches.

The Last Chance Qualifiers will kick off today at 12:00 PM ET (6:00 PM EU & 3:00 PM PT) live at the ELEAGUE Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, and will be streamed live at

After the final bracket is set, the players will be divided into two groups of eight players each, similarly to the Street Fighter V ELEAGUE, with Group A play beginning on Friday, October 27th, at 10:00 PM ET — live on TBS. Group B battles it out on Friday November 3rd, before the finalists battle for supremacy on Friday, November 10th at 10:00 PM ET on TBS. You can also catch the action live on Twitch, at 6:00 PM ET, as the entire tournament will be streamed. This event will serve as the culmination of the 6-month-long, worldwide, Injustice 2 Championship Series, with over $250,000 in prize money up for grabs.

For those curious as to why fan-favorite UK commentators and ESL employees Ketchup and Mustard aren’t being featured, Jake “PND|Mustard” Neal noted on Twitter that they simply were not contacted to participate in the event. However, they assure everyone that the chosen commentators have likely been studying up, and will undoubtedly give the game the respect it deserves on such a massive stage. They wish everyone involved with ELEAGUE the best, and look forward to watching the event themselves. You can read the full statement below.

As a reminder, the game’s newest DLC character, Raiden, will be banned for the entirety of the ELEAGUE proceedings, due to his sheer newness. It’s no doubt the upcoming competition will be fierce — who are you hoping earns their spot into the bracket with tomorrow’s Last Chance Qualifier? And who do you expect to win it all? Give us your predictions in the comments, and don’t forget to tune in.

Sources: ELEAGUE; PND|Mustard (Twitter); via Test Your Might

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