Ginyu Force Go! See Captain Ginyu and Nappa in action with these new Dragon Ball FighterZ screenshots

By on October 21, 2017 at 10:30 am
DBFZ Ginyu and Nappa 7

Following their reveal in V-Jump earlier this week, Bandai Namco have gone ahead and released some in-game screenshots from Dragon Ball FighterZ, showing Captain Ginyu and Nappa in action. The Ginyu screenshots give us an idea of how Jeice, Recoome and Guldo will function in battle — with Recoome firing off his Ultimate Fighting Bomber, Jeice throwing a Crusher Ball and Guldo freezing his opponent in place with telekinesis. Still no sign of Burter’s assist, but we do see him posing in what looks like Ginyu’s intro animation.

As for Nappa, we see him charging up his signature Exploding Wave (which looks like his Level 1 Super), along with his Level 3 Breaker Cannon. The screenshots hint at how the Saibamen will work in battle, with Nappa commanding them to attack in three different ways. One attack has a Saibaman doing a high-hitting jump slash, another has a Saibaman doing a sliding kick which hits from behind, while another has a Saibaman holding Nappa’s opponent in place. I imagine these three Saibaman attacks are linked to Light, Medium and Heavy, with the Saibaman grab being the Heavy variation. It looks like Nappa can move around while a Saibaman is on screen, similar to Android 18 summoning in her brother.

We’ll hopefully get character trailers for both Ginyu and Nappa soon, so we can see how these two villains look in motion. With Paris Games Week happening at the end of October, it seems like the perfect place to unveil footage of these two fighters.

Source: Bandai Namco US

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