Echo Fox is raffling off 25 Tokido tape measures — Here’s the story behind it, and how you can enter to win one

By on October 21, 2017 at 10:00 am
tokido tape srk

If you’re a fan of Echo Fox|Tokido — or competitive Street Fighter V in general — it’s likely you’ve seen or heard about the Tokido tape measure incident. Preceding one of his matches at TWFighter Major in Taiwan, The reigning Evo 2017 champion pulled out a tape measure and proceeded to measure the distance from his face to the screen — presumably to ensure that he was the perfect distance from the screen — to prevent eye damage, and ensure optimal performance!

Feeding off of the hype and horseplay that arose from the FGC following the reveal of his “new tech,” Echo Fox has announced that they will be raffling off 25 “officially licensed” Tokido tape measures. The novelty measuring tools come with the champ’s face printed on the side so that you can –as Echo Fox put it in their tweet — “Measure your success with Murderface judging you.” The giveaway ends on October 25th.

You can enter to win your official Echo Fox|Tokido tape measure (via Gleam-based social media sign-ups) here. Unfortunately, it appears to be open to US residents only.

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