The New York Yankees are taking a swing at esports by joining up with Echo Fox via an “investor partnership”

By on October 20, 2017 at 2:00 pm
Echo Fox Yankees

Just as the Miami HEAT has a “strategic partnership” with Misfits, the New York Yankees are now taking a swing at esports thanks to a recently announced investor partnership. This partnership sees the baseball team allying with Vision Esports, a company that holds majority share in franchises like Twin Galaxies, Vision Entertainment and most importantly for the FGC, Echo Fox.

The size of the investment has not been disclosed, but the goal is to “accelerate the growth and increase the global brand awareness” for Vision Esports’ franchises, according to Forbes. Seeing as the Yankees have become their own brand outside of baseball, expect this partnership to result in more Echo Fox merch in the future. I’m hoping for Tokido-branded tape measures to be available this Christmas.

What this will mean for the FGC remains to be seen, but it signals that there is some serious money being funneled into keeping the esports dream alive. With Echo Fox’s FGC roster already dominating Tekken, NRS games, Street Fighter and Marvel, it’s a wonder where they will go next. Fingers crossed for them holding their own fighting game event inside Yankee Stadium.

Source: Forbes

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