X-Kira unearths classic Capcom character costumes for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s Extra Battle mode

By on October 19, 2017 at 9:00 pm

Earlier this week, we reported on more information about new content coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition this January, as found by notable dataminer X-Kira. He’s since come forward with even more content — particularly a large number of the new costumes obtainable in the upcoming Extra Battle game mode.

We already know that Rashid will be able to obtain a costume based off of the highly-popular Viewtiful Joe, but apparently 15 other outfits will be available, referencing a wide variety of both classic and current Capcom characters. Included will be attires for Resident Evil‘s Albert Wesker and Nemesis, Ace Attorney‘s Phoenix Wright, Darkstalker’s Morrigan Aensland and Donovan Baine, Devil May Cry‘s Dante, Mega Man Legends Tron Bonne, Onimusha: Dawn Of Dreams’ Kaijin no Soki (for Necalli), Dead Rising’s Frank West, Red Earth‘s Tessa, Captain Commando, Cyberbot’s Jin Saotome, Capcom Fighting Evolution’s Ingrid, Axl from Mega Man X7, and Asura’s Wrath’s Asura.

However, his most interesting revelation is that these will not just be simple “cosplay” Costumes for the SFV:AE cast, but that they will actually have unique frame data and movesets, essentially letting you play as these characters, with additional moves only usable within the confines of the Extra Battle. However, don’t get any hopes of being able to use these “characters” in actual matches, (especially you PC modders), as the frame data and additional moves will be supposedly tied directly to Capcom’s personal servers, preventing it from being accessed and modded into the main game.

He also reveals that the Color Edit feature will be returning from Street Fighter X Tekken, though it will be very limited; players will only have two slots for custom colors, one for the Player 1 side and another that can only be used when on the Player 2 side.

X-Kira also notes that, “after the launch of the Extra Battle mode, many attractive things will be coming, such as complete online support to ‘server requests,’ Online vs. matches (casual), controllable NPCs (at some point, there will be a way to play with the Dolls), Endless (similar to Battle Lounge), Quiz (where are Marz and Fevrier?) and many other things.” He also states that Extra Battle will also be related to the upcoming Dojo mode.

Next, X-Kira says that, “It’ll be fun to see Dan as Donovan at mini-cross events with Extra Battle and Dojo, and yes, Donovan is the Cosplay Costume for Dan. Two P. will also have a Costume.”

X-Kira closes with the revelation of a comically dark challenge that can randomly in Extra Battle: a fight against the Legendary Sheng Long!

“And at Extra Battle, also we can count the presence of a character that Electronic Gaming Monthly created on April 1st of 1991. Yes, I’m talking about Sheng Long. He’ll be at eventual moments of Extra Battle, present as an overpowered “Boss.” He then tweeted, “The Sheng Long Event is crazy. It promises 1 Million Fight Money if you win, but it’s a lie. There’s no way you can beat him. He will always get up when defeated.”

He’s also randomly uploaded a video of Cody’s Super Street Fighter IV Theme to his YouTube channel. Perhaps implying that the cuffs are about to come off (again) for Season 3?

You can see all of his Tweets below, which also include Taito cabinet profiles for the debut of the Arcade version of SFV at Toushinsai 2017 this weekend.

As datamined claims of upcoming content, this is all subject to change before verification from Capcom — though X-Kira has been reliable in the past.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will be released on January 16th, 2018, as both a free update for existing owners of SFV, as well as a new release including the Season 1 & 2 DLC fighters.

Source: X-Kira (Twitter)

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