New K.O. effects for Critical Art finishes revealed for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

By on October 18, 2017 at 9:00 am
Zeku Character Profile

Amidst all of the pre-release hype for Zeku — who will glide into the game next Tuesday — we may have potentially learned about another aesthetic upgrade coming to Arcade Edition in January.

On the official Japanese Street Fighter V Character Page, Capcom posted a video of Zeku knocking out Menat with his Critical Art, Batsuzan Gaisei. Normally, this would just be a quick showcase of his Super, but Capcom appeared to accidentally upload the clip occurring in the upcoming AE build of the game, which will see a number of graphic overhauls made to the title.

In the clip (which was captured by X-Kira before its removal) we can clearly see the new golden hit counter, lifebars and timer that will be implemented in January, with the final blow punctuated by new golden triangle graphics, which flash across the screen for but a quick moment, before giving way to new blue K.O. letters that quickly transition to gold.

However, when the video was uploaded to Capcom Japan’s YouTube channel — where it is currently set to private —  it lacked any effects, merely showing the CA animation and Menat’s Japanese K.O. cry. We’ve included both videos below for the sake of comparison.

Sources: SDL-Miyuki-Chan; CapcomChannel; Japanese Street Fighter V Character Page

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