Become the Machampion with Pokkén Tournament DX’s Litten + Machamp combos

By on October 14, 2017 at 11:00 am
pokken burst

One of the most important things in Pokkén Tournament DX is picking the right support to assist you in battle. I’m not sure that Machamp needed more damage at his disposal but one of DX’s new supports, Litten, opens up some notable combo possibilities for one of Pokkén’s premier grapplers.

And it’s not just damage — when Machamp gets low on HP, Litten gets powered up with a multi-hitting, high damage explosion. If this connects, Machamp has enough to self-buff with his Bulk Up special move, and then still combo afterwards. This is really good for match-ups where Machamp may not have many safe opportunities to actually apply Bulk Up. Combine that with Litten’s counter piercing properties and decent charge time, and this could very well end up being a relevant support for the original wrestling Pokémon.

Source: WatchKino

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