Pokkén Tournament DX’s Croagunk combos give your opponents negative status effects in real life

By on October 12, 2017 at 5:00 pm

Croagunk’s addition to Pokkén Tournament DX fills a much-needed gap in its character archetypes: the insufferable troll character. With his random-item throw, status manipulations and shocking chip damage, this awkward character does as much damage to his opponent’s health bar as he does to their mental state.

Behind the goofy animations and RNG, though, there’s really difficult execution and surprisingly powerful combos. Jump Y air-swimming loops, charge-release Shoryukens, and some of the craftiest, craziest air mobility in the series give this character plenty of depth for those that like to lab.

There’s also a few bonus clips of some high damage Chandelure combos, whose thread to Croagunk I can only assume is the equal amounts of anger that Pokémon’s mid-game giggling causes opponents.

Source: Mewtater

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