Brawlhalla dives onto PlayStation 4 on October 17th

By on October 12, 2017 at 12:00 pm
Brawhalla Logo

After almost two years in Steam Early Access, Brawlhalla is ready to launch on both PC and PlayStation 4 on October 17th. The free-to-play platform fighter currently has 34 playable characters, with the cannon-wielding Corsair joining the roster on October 18th.

If players download the free-to-play version, they will access just a portion of the roster, but if you purchase the $19.99 All Legends Pack on Steam or the Founder’s Pack on PS4, you’ll gain access to all 34 characters, as well as any future editions.

With the Brawlhalla World Championship coming up later next month in Atlanta, now is the perfect time to jump in on the action. Cross-play between the PS4 and PC version is planned further down the line, so all players can compete against one another.

Source: Brawlhalla

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